Questions and Answers

Who can participate in the Game?

Applicants, students, master's students and post-graduate students of various universities of the Russian Federation and other countries of the world, as well as high-school seniors can participate in the annual international St.-Petersburg student Simulation in agreement with the organizing committee. We are open to all comers.

I am from another city. Will the organizing committee of the Game help me with accommodation?

The Organizing Committee of the Game posts a list of hotels and hostels that are popular among modelers. Reservation of rooms remains the task of the participants themselves. We hope that this will not become an obstacle to participation in the Game of nonresident delegates. You can see the list of recommended hotels here

This will be my first Game. Is it worth starting?

If you want to try your hand at role-playing political modeling, then the EU-EAEU Game is a good opportunity to get acquainted with the general principles of modeling and to understand in practice what it means to be a representative of a state or social group in an international organization.

How to register?

In order to register as a game participant, you must fill out the registration form. This can be done electronically on the Game website. You need to go to the Personal cabinet section to do this. You will have access to your personal cabinet on the Game website after registration; your role will be determined in advance and more detailed instructions will be given in the cabinet. Start preparing and do not forget to come on the first day of the conference for additional instructions and a delegate package.

Where will the Game take place?

The work of the international St.-Petersburg Student Simulation will be held at the School of International Relations of the St. Petersburg State University at: 8 entrance, Smolny str. 1/3, SPb, Russia. You can also find all the necessary information on our website

What dress code is welcomed at the Game meetings?

Since the EU-EAEU simulation is a conference modeling the work of the European Union and the Eurasian Economic Union, formal attire is desirable: suits for young men, suits or formal dresses for young ladies. Remember: you represent one of the European states, an international institution or interest groups within the framework of the Game. The formal attire will emphasize the seriousness of your intentions and show that you respect not only yourself and those who you represent, but also all other participants in the conference.

I am in high school; I want to take part in the Game. How can I explain why I skip my classes at school?

The Game Secretariat issues certificates of the Game that confirm an attendance in the student conference. When registering, do not forget to mention that you need such a certificate.

Students of the School of International Relations who participate in the conference do not need to receive certificates, because the organizing committee informs the dean about the list of participants. However, students should agree on their absence in language classes and seminars with teachers. Practice shows that almost all teachers have no objection to students' participation in the Game.

Is smoking permitted at the School of International Relations?

In accordance with the existing provisions, smoking in the premises of St. Petersburg State University is strictly prohibited, including smoking in toilets. There are no specially designated areas for smoking at the School.

Will the Organizing Committee provide meals for the participants of the Game?

The Organizing Committee of the Game will arrange coffee breaks for participants throughout the Game. Coffee breaks include drinks (tea, coffee) and snacks (biscuits, crackers, sandwiches, fruits), etc. The coffee break schedule will be indicated in the program of the Game. The School of International Relations has a canteen and a coffee machine. There are also cafeterias of sociology and political science faculties in the building next to the School.

I am not from St. Petersburg. Can the organizing committee of the Game send me an invitation for accountability to the administration of the university?

Yes, of course, the organizing committee of the Game can send an official invitation by fax or e-mail. To do this, you must indicate your full name, the exact name of the educational institution in which you are studying, and also the fax number or e-mail of the recipient of the invitation. To order an invitation, you should contact the organizers of the conference or mark the corresponding section of the questionnaire.

I got the role assigned to me. What is next?

After obtaining a specific role, the participant can begin the active phase of preparing for the Game. It consists in studying the position of the EU, the EAEU or another participant on the issues under discussion. By the beginning of the Game, each participant should have good knowledge of the issues of foreign and domestic policy of his/her country, party, institution and the field of his/her body in decision-making. The necessary brief instructions, resources for more in-depth study, as well as the essence of the case being discussed, and the necessary additional materials are represented on the website

I applied and I still have not received the role. Is this how it should be?

Within the framework of the international student simulation, it was decided to centralize the distribution of roles. That is, the distribution of roles takes place with the participation of a consultation of the members of the organizing committee, when the critical number of participants is registered, so be patient and we will definitely give you the role.

How to choose the right role?

The right choice of a role is one of the most significant moments of preparation. First of all, you need to decide on the institution in which you want to participate. Conventionally, institutions can be divided into several categories: those who to draft bills (the Commissions), those who are engaged in discussions of mandates and projects (parliaments and the Councils) and auxiliary ones that exert influence on them (the press and lobbyists). Thus, first of all, it is necessary to determine what kind of activity is the most interesting activity to you within the framework of the Game. Then, you should think about which of the issues on the agenda is more interesting to you (mainly this is relevant for the bodies involved in the drafting of bills and for lobbyists). Finally, it is necessary to formulate preferences for the state, which you will represent in this or that institute. The choice of a large and developed state does not always guarantee an interesting Game. It is necessary to take into account national interests, the existing political alliances and the historical memory of the chosen state in any issue.

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