How to participate
Registration fee and living in St.Petersburg

Participation in the Game is free. However, it is required to register on the official website and choose preferred roles (three in order of priority). Registration involves a small essay in which participant explains his/her interest in the game and also justifies the choice of roles.

Thanks to generous support of the European Union (Jean Monnet Grant), St.-Petersburg State University can provide travel and accommodation to a limited number of external (Russian and foreign participants). The nominees are selected by partner universities (Carleton, KUL, Tampere, Kazan, Perm, Tomsk). Independent applicants can also contact the organising committee by 20 February 2018 with the expression of interest.

Students from other cities are also invited to participate at their own expense. We recommend the accommodation options that are situated not far from the Game location, but we are not responsible for the quality of the services provided there. Please refer to or similar services for reservation.

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