Greetings from the Organising Committee

Dear friends!

The European Union is Russia's closest geopolitical formation, a real quasi-state that has been developing for over 60 years. Long before the formation of the modern borders of the union, the peoples of Europe and their political leaders realized the potential of economic and political unification, gradually experimenting from small allied forms through the period of the communities of the six states towards a modern almost universal integration unity.

The Eurasian Economic Union is a young entity. It arose in 2014 on the basis of the previously created customs union and common market, but taking into account the experience of integration projects in the post-Soviet space. The EAEU is developing intensively, including new members, expanding the areas of cooperation, tightening the interaction between its members. It also actively uses the experience of the European Union in these processes

The EAEU has long sought to establish official relations and strengthen the dialogue with the EU, but for various reasons this has not happened yet. Here, the geopolitical rivalry between Moscow and Brussels, and the difficulties of mutual perception, and the fact that not all the members of the EAEU are full-fledged members of the WTO are affected. At the same time, Moscow's official position is that all negotiations on economic relations with the EU and their deepening should go along the line of the EU-EAEU.

In this regard, we propose, within the framework of this game, to conduct a simulation of the EU-EAEU negotiations. This game is innovative, because, on the one hand, it relies on the practice of interaction with non-member countries, which has been formed in the EU and the EAEU, but, on the other hand, it simulates the institutional interaction, which has not taken place so far.

The EU-EAEU negotiations model is a great way to understand what the European Union and the Eurasian Economic Union breathe, think about and how they make decisions, to predict how they will build their interaction, and what substantive solutions they can come up with. Whatever the relations between Russia and the EU were yesterday, are today or will be tomorrow, knowledge, understanding and respect for each other's traditions, cultural and political features have always been the basis for achieving political mutual understanding, mutual respect and building a model for the future development of cooperation. This Game also teaches compromise, multilateral negotiations, package deals, the foundations of European, Eurasian and international law. Finally, the Game invites you to look for new friends, establish new relations and try to take the first steps into a serious social life.

The participants of the event can be both students and master's students of the School of International Relations of St. Petersburg State University, as well as their colleagues from other universities of Russia and the world who are interested in the issues of modern political science, economics, jurisprudence and history of international relations, as well as applicants from St. Petersburg State University. Of course, not all the roles and "positions" within the framework of our Game are the same in complexity of execution: there are more complex and simpler ones aimed more at drafting bills and more appealing to the audience, but we are sure that, regardless of the specific role, all participants will enjoy and learn at our conference something new.

Participate, learn the specificity of the interaction between the EU and the EAEU and the peculiarities of their internal nature, find your point of view and learn how to prove your point, try to listen to someone else's point of view and learn the art of compromise and consensus-building in making complex decisions!

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