EU - EAEU negotiations simulation

EU-Russian relations are in the drastic state with limited contacts not only at the intergovernmental but also at transgovernmental (business, expert and civil society) levels. The fact that many mass media engage in biased campaigns rather than deliver objective information and professional analysis makes learning about the EU in Russia, about Russia in the EU, and, on both sides, about their relations frustratingly difficult. Moreover, the dialogue between civil societies across the border is limited due to information constraints and negative stereotypes but also visa barriers and income constraints on the Russian side (restricting travel). Finally, both the EU and Russia have talked about the need to relaunch some contacts, possibly in the framework of the interaction between the EU and the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) but there is little understanding in both academic and experts’ circles about how that can be achieved.

The project “Simulating EU-Eurasian Economic Union Negotiations to Encourage Transnational Active Learning and Civil Dialogue” addresses all three challenges above. Its goal is to set up a students’ role-play simulation game of negotiations between the EU and the EAEU on a deep and comprehensive free trade area. This game will involve both Russian and EU students, some EU students will be brought to St. Petersburg, where role-play simulation game will take place, others will be fully involved via online means. The project will thus fill the gap in the knowledge of Russian students about the EU and EU students about the EAEU and Russia. It will show possibilities and constraints of the dialogue between the EU and EAEU. It will potentially inform what the EAEU could borrow from the EU. Furthermore, it will create a platform for students, future policy-makers, to interact and socialise; and will ultimately stimulate a transnational civil society dialogue.

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