Rules and Roles Description of the Role-Play Simulation

General rules

Familiarization and compliance with rules of procedure are the most important responsibilities of any participant of the Model. All participants of the Model are equal when it comes to the rules, regardless of the role and the institution.

The Secretariat reserves the right to change the roles of participants and posts in the Presidium by virtue of the game necessity.

Preparing participants

One of the most important tasks of the Model is to give participants the opportunity to learn about the specifics of diplomatic activity from their experience. It depends on the participants themselves how interesting and useful the Game will turn out to be. In view of this, the modelers are obliged to prepare appropriately for the Model by becoming familiar:

  • • with the Model's rules and any information circulated by the secretariat relevant to the Model and the preparation of participants;
  • • with the amount of information on agendas that are sufficient for successful work on these topics. Search for materials is carried out independently as well;
  • • with the activities of the EU, the EAEU, their institutions, the activities of other modeled actors, with the particularities of the institution in which the modeler will play, the specifics of the assigned role, its function and scope of responsibility.

For the most successful and interesting modeling, the position of the Modelist:

  • • representing a Member State of the EU or EAEU should not contradict or depart from the foundations of the current position of the state, contradict the generally accepted values and interests of the EU or EAEU;
  • • participating in the European Commission or the Eurasian Economic Commission, should not contradict the EU or EAEU policy framework, their values and interests;
  • • representing a deputy of the European Parliament or a deputy of the Parliament of the EAEU Member States, should not contradict the interests of the represented population group and the State concerned;
  • • representing the third state, must not contradict the basis of the position of the State concerned;
  • • representing business structures or non-profit organizations, should not contradict the position of the relevant structures and lobbyists’ standards of conduct;
  • • representing journalists, must comply with the generally accepted professional standards of media workers.

Attendance at meetings

Participants should not miss meetings, as absence can negatively affect the consideration of the position that the participant defended earlier on the general course of the Game, as well as the successful completion of the Model by the participant and the obtaining a participant's diploma.

A roll call takes place at the beginning of each meeting, and if a participant is late for it, he/she must send a written notification to the head of the institution about his/her arrival. Representatives of the media notify the head of the Department of Public Information about the arrival at the site. Lobbyists notify the Organizing Committee.

Each necessity to leave the session for more than 10 minutes should be accompanied by an information letter to the head of the institution, in which this necessity and the time for which the participant is absent are reported. When leaving or returning to the room, the participant must wait for a pause in the speeches and must not disturb other participants.

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